IFFGD Competitive Grants

Competitive grants follow a procedure that begins when IFFGD publicly announces an invitation for applications. The call for applications typically includes a general description of the purpose, eligibility criteria, and selection criteria for the grants. Applications received are reviewed and scored by a Selection Committee, which is independent of IFFGD staff.

Selection Process

The Selection Committee members are representative of the field of gastroenterology. Members review and evaluate applications based on a number of considerations, such as scientific merit, significance to the field, and feasibility. Potential conflicts of interest involving reviewers are identified and avoided in accord with NIH guidelines. Reviewers privately score each application and scores are tabulated by IFFGD. A review meeting is convened where one member serves as chair and conducts the meeting. Applications are considered and ranked by reviewers. Selection is made based on a composite of factors.

2014 IFFGD Idiopathic Gastroparesis Grants

Three grant awards of $40,000 have been made to three investigators for innovative research related to idiopathic gastroparesis.

View 2014 Grant Winners

2008 IFFGD Research Grants

Three $50,000 grant awards were made for research related to functional gastrointestinal and motility disorders, and neurogastroenterology.

View 2008 Grant Winners

The Need for More Research – How You Can Help

IFFGD participates in and encourages support of scientific inquiry and research. Although the need has been demonstrated, functional GI disorder research remains severely underfunded.

There are a growing number of clinicians and investigators who are striving to learn more about the functional gastrointestinal disorders. They need research funding. You can help. Working together, we can change the way these disorders are viewed, managed and treated. To know more about funding needs, visit: Need for Funding Research and How to Make a Difference.

Make a Donation to Support IFFGD’s Research Grants

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