IFFGD Research Grants

Purpose of Grant Awards

IFFGD began awarding Research Grants in 2007 (and Research Awards in 2003). These grants are in addition to the IFFGD Research Awards. IFFGD grants provide funding for research relevant to understanding and managing functional gastrointestinal (GI) and motility disorders.

Our goal is to support high-quality research that will ultimately lead to improvements in the care of patients with these disorders. IFFGD’s mission is patient-oriented. Hence, preference is given to supporting clinical research and basic research that is translational in nature.

Types of Research Grants

Competitive grants follow a procedure in which applications are reviewed and scored by a Selection Committee, which is independent of IFFGD staff. The availability of these grants is announced to the research community through multiple channels.

Noncompetitive grants may be made from time to time by IFFGD. These discretionary, non-competing awards support patient programs or research determined to be consistent with our mission.

In addition to grants, IFFGD funds Research Awards to clinical and basic researchers. Find more about IFFGD Research Awards

For more information on other research grant opportunities, visit our page here or visit www.grants.gov

The Need for More Research – How You Can Help

IFFGD participates in and encourages support of scientific inquiry and research. Although the need has been demonstrated, functional GI disorder research remains severely underfunded.

There are a growing number of clinicians and investigators who are striving to learn more about functional gastrointestinal disorders. They need research funding. You can help. Working together, we can change the way these disorders are viewed, managed and treated. To know more about funding needs, visit Need for Funding Research and How to Make a Difference.

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