2021 IFFGD Ally Award

We are pleased to recognize the 2021 IFFGD Ally Award recipients for their continued support to those living with gastrointestinal (GI)  illnesses. We thank them for their commitment to go above and beyond to ensure the needs of someone living with chronic GI disorders are met.

The 2021 Ally Award Winners Are:

  • Joseph Popp
  • Howard DiPiazza, MD (retired)
  • Michelle Barnett, PA
  • Brad McNatt
  • Ravinder Mittal, MD


Those who live with a chronic gastrointestinal disorder face many obstacles throughout their illness journey. During the tough, dark times, some of us are lucky and have someone that will step in without hesitation to provide support. We call those individuals Allies. An Ally is someone who unites themselves with another to promote a common interest. People who are allies are not only your helpers but also have a common interest with your health in mind.

It can be the neighbor that offers a smile every single day to show their support and willingness to help. A pharmacist who spends a little extra time to explain each medication. A nurse who ensures comfort with their level of care. A doctor who spends extra time answering every question to provide peace of mind. Or a family member who is an extraordinary caregiver day in and day out.

For some it is their job, but an ally will show acts of kindness out of the goodness of their heart. The 2021 IFFGD Ally Award allows the gastrointestinal community to take a moment to thank and acknowledge those who go above and beyond to ensure the needs of a patient living with gastrointestinal disorders are met.

Nomination Information

Nominations are to be submitted on behalf of the candidate along with one to two paragraphs with your reason for and clear examples as to why you are nominating your ally.

The IFFGD Ally Award winners will be determined by a Selection Committee compromised of IFFGD Staff, IFFGD Board Directors and IFFGD PAC Members who will review nominations and determine the recipients. 


To be eligible, an ally must be a person that you feel

  • Supports you through your GI illness journey
  • Helps to bring awareness to your GI condition, while also helping to amplify your voice to ensure that your health and personal needs are met.

An Ally can be a partner, caregiver, sibling, parent, other family member, friend, healthcare provider, pharmacist, teacher, student, boss, coworker, or any other person that you feel have gone above and beyond to support you.

For more information on the IFFGD Ally Awards, please contact IFFGD at:

Phone: 414-964-1799
Email: iffgd@iffgd.org

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