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funding research

Since 1991 when IFFGD was founded we have seen many changes in our understanding of the functional GI and motility disorders, and in the care and treatment of people affected. We are entering an era of new beginnings, new understandings, and new challenges.

Our new collective knowledge is tantalizing, answers beckoning but many still out of reach. More needs to be done. Laboratory findings must be translated into useful treatments. New treatments and approaches must be put into clinical practice. Education and research must continue and expand if we are to transform today’s hopes into tomorrow’s answers. 

The Need for Funding Research – How You Can Help

IFFGD participates in and encourages support of scientific inquiry and research. Although the need has been demonstrated, functional GI and motility disorders research remains severely underfunded.

There are a growing number of clinicians and investigators who are striving to learn more about the functional gastrointestinal disorders. They need research funding. You can help. Working together, we can change the way these disorders are viewed, managed and treated. To know more about funding needs, visit: Need for Funding Research and How to Make a Difference.

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