IFFGD Virtual Walk

Make Moves 4 GI Health

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This Virtual Walk will begin August 21st and end on September 4th 2021. 

Registration is now open!  Click to go to the Charity Footprints page.

About This Walk

To celebrate IFFGD’s 30th Anniversary, we are hosting our first ever virtual walk to Make Moves for GI Health. All proceeds for this walk will go towards a research grant for Gastrointestinal Disorders. We have physical and self-care activity goals so everyone can participate. Teams are encouraged to reach a bigger goal! Be sure to tag us on your goals and activities using #Moves4GIhealth

Individual Registration Fee: $25.00 (t-shirt included)

Our Fundraising Goals:

  • Overall Fitness Goal: (10,950 miles) #of days IFFGD has been in existence
  • Overall Fundraising Goal: $10,950 
  • Individual Fundraising Goal: $30.00

Self Care Goal Chart:

Making a doctor's appointment 100 pts
20 minutes of meditation, breathing techniques, or yoga 200 pts. (Tag IFFGD in a picture on Social Media or email us a picture to use on social media)
Daily logging of fluids, food, or illness symptoms 10 pts a day per item
Sending a letter to your congressional representative 200 pts (send IFFGD a follow up letting us know who you have contacted so we can follow up with your office)
Reading an IFFGD publication from our library 50 pts a publication
Reading for 20 minutes 50 pts
Watching an IFFGD YouTube video 50 pts a video (share video, tag IFFGD and #MakeMoves4GIhealth)
Trying a new recipe 100 pts.
Sharing an IFFGD Social Media Post 5 pts. (Tag IFFGD and #MakeMoves4GIhealth)
Follow an IFFGD Social Media Platform 20 pts.
Participate in an IFFGD Twitter Chat 50 pts. (Tag IFFGD and #MakeMoves4GIhealth)
Checking in on a friend, neighbor, or family member 20 pts.
Scheduling a colonoscopy 200 pts.

Fitness Goal Chart:

Outdoor Fitness- Walking, running, biking, hiking etc. 1 mile= 50 pts. (Tag IFFGD in a picture on social media or email us a picture to use on social media)
Other Fitness- Swimming, outdoor sports, crossfit, etc. 20 minutes= 50 pts. (Tag IFFGD in a picture on Social Media or email us a picture to use on social media


The International Foundation for Gastrointestinal Disorders (IFFGD) gratefully acknowledges the following companies for their generous support of IFFGD’s Make Moves 4 GI Health Virtual Walk.

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