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More than 25% of the global population reportedly suffers in some capacity from a functional gastrointestinal or motility disorder, yet in many ways societies are complacent to inadequate care and treatment that sufferers may receive; and complacent to the unmet needs of a scientific community struggling to obtain research funding.

It is through research where the promise lies for better understanding, faster diagnoses, better treatments, and perhaps even cures for these complex illnesses.

The challenges are compounded when many in the public and even some in the medical profession do not understand the conditions. But there are ways to be heard and to bring about change.

Public advocacy and support for research are two such ways. IFFGD continues to offer a means for concerned individuals to give voice to their needs. Your personal support for research helps address those needs. Our own futures depend on the actions we take today.

The U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) – the largest source of funding for medical research in the world – currently has only a limited portfolio in support of research for functional gastrointestinal and motility disorders. If they are not doing enough, who will?

The answer is, we must do it ourselves. Through IFFGD, you can take action. We can work together to find novel ways to support research.

We have made progress during the past two decades. We have raised awareness about the conditions. Scientific advances have occurred and limited treatments are now available that address multiple symptoms. But while some people are being helped by a variety of treatment options, others are not.

These GI disorders affect not only those who suffer from chronic symptoms, but also their families and others in the community at large.

We can measure the economic costs of healthcare utilization and lost productivity. We can measure the social costs with quality of life surveys.  We can never measure the cost of lost individual potential.

Please consider some level of support to IFFGD. We thank you for your help as together we work to educate, raise awareness, and support research in the hope of unlocking the mysteries behind functional GI and motility disorders. Thank you.

The Need for More Research – How You Can Help

IFFGD participates in and encourages support of scientific inquiry and research. Although the need has been demonstrated, functional GI disorder research remains severely underfunded.

There are a growing number of clinicians and investigators who are striving to learn more about the functional gastrointestinal disorders. They need research funding. You can help. Working together, we can change the way these disorders are viewed, managed and treated. To know more about funding needs, visit: How to Make a Difference.

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