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I started having symptoms of GERD when I was 15 years old. I am 16 now. Last summer, all I would eat was frozen pizza and processed foods, my weight was average for a teenager so I never really worried about gaining weight from eating poorly. Suddenly, every morning was terrible for me. As soon as I’d wake up, I’d cough and gag almost to the point where I was throwing up and I had heart burn after/during eating. It has also gotten to the point where I don’t like eating. I haven’t had pizza in a year because I know my consequences.. Sometimes I wish that I could eat like a normal human being and not have a bad taste in my mouth from the acid reflux, even after brushing my teeth and “I’m too young to have heartburn,” I kept thinking.. So I asked my grandmother, who is a doctor, what was wrong with me and she told me that I might have GERD. I think I have gotten this genetically because my grandfather complained all the time about having heartburn. I was tired of fighting through the pain after trying to enjoy my favorite foods, so I’ve started eating healthier and exercising every day. I’ve lost about 10 pounds and I’ve started taking medication that was prescribed to me by my grandmother. I have researched this disease online and I now know how to live with it. Even though my friends don’t understand what I’m going through and don’t get it when I don’t want to go to lunch with them because they’re going to a fast food restaurant, I try to stay positive. My symptoms have gotten easier to deal with, but I still strongly dislike that I have acid reflux after eating because I’m a teenager and should be able to eat whatever I want, right? Well, I’ve discovered that eating healthier is better for me and even though I can’t eat what I want to anymore, I know it’s better for me. I really hope that this helps you or makes you feel better, especially if you’re young and living with these symptoms.

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