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I’m a 67 yr old IBS-C sufferer for 2 yrs.  After using Linzess unsuccessfully and having worse issues, i’ve found my solution.  Every AM I take SAMe, 200 mgs; Jarrow methyl b12, methyl folate plus p5p(b6); Pro-50 probiotic, 2 capsules; 1 capsule L glutamine (NOW); magnesium 1 250 mg gelcap: 2/3 scoop Prebiotin Probiotic in warm water with 1 tsp ground flaxseed.  I also follow a modified gluten free diet several days a week. I always take 500 mgs of magnesium (2 gel caps) before bed.   In pm, if needed, I use Metamucil, 1 tsp.  Btw add fiber.  Popcorn is a great snack and provides extra fiber.  This is my solution.  I hope it can help someone.

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