I’m 21yr old and I was facing acid reflux symptoms from past 2 yrs. It usually consists of chest pain and sometimes heartburn. One day I was eating something spicy in late afternoon and suddenly my chest started paining now at that time I thought it was a regular acid reflux so I applied an ointment and go to sleep. When I woke up it was worse. My stomach started paining and I had this weird feeling that something is stuck in between my throat and chest.
It was such a weird feeling so I called doctor and she gave me some medicine bt before I even took a medicine I started vomiting everything I eaten including that spicy food. It was horrible bt after that I thought maybe it happened for good cz now my pain became very mild so after 1 hr I started eating my dinner and again I throw up that. It was such a horrible phase cz I was so hungry my stomach was empty and I couldn’t able to eat so that day I just took medicine and went to sleep. Since that day to the following week I couldn’t able to eat without taking that tablet cz whenever I finished eating I had this weird feeling that I was going to vomit so out of fear I took that tab for a week then one day I told my mom about this and she told me that it’s not good to take tab all the time so we went to visit our family doctor.
I told him everything. He had given me 1 month medication and told me to make some changes in my diet. It’s been 10 days since I visited him and it’s much better than that day but still I faced difficulties while swallowing my food especially at night. I have cutted of spicy food and oily food. I cannot eat a fuller portion at a time. My meal became smaller. Whenever I ate something out of that diet my stomach makes this weird noise and I experience constipation. But I like to believe that after 1 month it will be fine.
I’ve done my fair share of research on GERD btw I was not diagnosed with gerd but from symptoms I believe that it’s gerd.
So when I researched about gerd I came to know that except surgery the only way to stop this is to make lifestyle changes and after reading people experience over here who were facing this for years I think it’s that only opt I have. It sucks since past 3 weeks not a single day was normal. Everyday I had this anxiety about eating food. I’ve became so much cautious about my food. I want my normal life back ASAP.
So I will wait till my dose of medication over and see what happens next. I hope and pray that whoever facing these kind of situation recovers fastly. Also if u have any advice for me please let me know.

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