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hello all…..

i am 27 years old married gal.. rite from my childhood i was a healthy child in concern of digestion.. cud eat anything and was free from any digestive disorder.. but 7 months before.. things started changing.. exact before my marriage.. i had started developing stomach troubling causes such as loose stool and frequent wash room visits.. i was afraid that if i am  suffering from ibs .. and when i visited my doc first time .. i shared my fear ness to him.. but he didn’t take it seriously.. thanxx to god that it was never as severe as other ibs patients.. i am suffering but its not as much as bad to handle.. for sure. sacrifices is nided without any option.. as i stopped taking spicy oily foods.. stopped eating out and eliminated my favorite noodles and other fast foods to keep my gut healthy..stopped taking dairy products frequrntly..but i didn’t eliminate it from my diet completely … i started my treatment after 2 months of when stomach problems arised.. first i tried allopathic treatment for 1 and half months.. and got relief but unfortunately it was short term relief and problems came back once i stopped taking medicines.. moreover.. i started loosing my weight too… my appetite was normal.. and so i m still not so sure whether this condition is ibs or not.. well….. after seeing my problems started  troubling me back.. i went for homeopathy treatment and felt heavy relief.. just want to include here that homeopathy medicines are always safe and there is no side effects of it.. i started putting on weight which is normal now.. recently i started taking ayurvedic syrup and tablets which is giving ultimate and safe as well on account of made of herbs….. i am feeling much better now.. 

frnzz … if you will listen my suggestion.. please try aurvedic treatment and homeopathy treatment.. and have some patience as it takes time to showing its effect.. though i am not suffering as much as others but i can understand that how it effects our life in negative manner.. i felt it in myself and i really want to help others through spreading out my experience …

best of luck frnz.. and stop feeling scared and down.. the only thing u guys have to do is to keep patience..stay positive and seek out proper treatment along with controlled and right diet..


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