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Both my parents have stomach deceases so I was bond to get one. My started when I was 10 or 11 years old. I had caught the regular flu bug but it was different it also had a pain that I could never describe. After I had gotten over this flu that’s when the acid reflex started. It was off and on for many years then it got to the point that it was everyday. I was about 15 when I started having it every day to the point were I’d be curled up balling my eyes out and nothing would work. Finally I started getting tested on. The tests were not very fun some of them triggered the pain. Finally when I was 16 or 17 I got diagnosed with GERD. They put me on pills right away. The meds did help but I was really upset because I couldn’t eat my favourite foods anymore. The meds only helped as long as I didn’t eat anything acidic. Now today I am 18 and I’ve been suffering with this for my whole teen years and going into my adult hood. It’s not fun I can tell you that. But when I’m feeling down because I can’t have say spaghetti with my family. I just remember that I’m strong and you can always modify your food with a different sauce or different flavour that’s not gonna trigger the pain. And for people who say stop exaggerating well I always ask them could u imagine everytime you eat having a burning sensation or feeling like your gonna vomit. If not then you can’t say a word about weather I’m exaggerating or not. I know another thing that gets me is the breath you get from the acid comming up all the time. Celery is suppose to help with that. It has helped me. It’s not going to take it away completely but it limits it down. It’s much better then having to brush your teeth every five minutes because you have a bad taste in your mouth or bad breath from the amout of acid. It does help a lot knowing that there is others out there who understand what I’m talking about. And acid reflex is not GERD. Acid reflex is a symptom of GERD. Don’t ever get confused with that cause I’ve had people who just get normal heartburn or acid reflex from eating to much one day or something tell me it’s not as bad as I describe it. It’s is deffinetly not the same. And I hope one day that they can find a cure because its not fun to live with as with any other deceases. This site is good it makes me feel better knowing I can share my story with people who understand.

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