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It started about a year ago when I was shopping for food. I felt sick to my stomach and all of a sudden I pooped my pants. I was very embarrassed and very upset with myself because I was in a store with about 70 to 80 people. I know that people who were behind […]


I have fecal incontinence. I don’t get the urge to go but what happens to me is I’d get ready for the day and go do what I need to do. Then of course, I’d come home and use the bathroom and I had drops of feces on my underwear. Well, of course I didn’t […]


Lifelong nightly bed wetter that had to stay in pin on cloth diapers with plastic pants. Also had noisy plastic mattress cover under my sheets to catch leaks that happened 2-3 nights a week. Also struggled with daytime leaking issues and had to rush I bathrooms 15+ times a day with already damp pants. Wore […]


I fell off a ladder about 25 feet up on too a concrete floor, I went to the hospital the doctors had checked me out and set me up for a MRI but couldn’t get me in right away, they put me in a room and the nurse come in with a diaper in her […]


Hi I finally found a safe place to share my story I’m 61 year old female. I worked so hard all my life. My poor bladder and my poop lost control. Just like that. I now have to use pads. Extra thick ones. Sometimes I have to use full diaper. In so embarrassing about my […]


My story began when I was born in October of 1980, from then onwards for the better part of a decade I wore diapers/nappies mostly because I was and still am autistic. I was fully potty trained at the age of six, however I still wore diapers until I turned the age of 10 in […]


I almost feel silly writing this but I am going crazy and need to get it off my chest. I’ve dealt with chronic constipation since I can remember. As much as I try to manage it, I feel like it just gradually gets worse as I get older. Colon cancer and GI problems run in […]


My age as of now is getting up there and I have to wear diapers 24/7. Since I was ten yrs old in foster care.I had a foster mother that was strickt with me and a bit embarrassing at most times .She will check me if I was wet in any situation,like in public or […]


Don’t know where to start for years i have urge to go poop and need to find a toilet fast, then the urinary urge came along too for the past 8 years too, the 2 years have been miserable for me my urge to poop had gotten so bad i would run to find a […]


Ten years ago I was diagnosed rectal cancer. I had my rectum removed (St Mark´s Hospital, London), did quimioterapy, radiotherapy and had an ileostomy (bag) which was suposed to be temporary but because I would have a severe faecal incontinence I was advised to keep the bag and five years later have a permanent colostomy. […]

Bowel Incontinence

Many otherwise healthy, active people suffer from loss of bowel control, or bowel incontinence. It can strike people of all ages. It is a long-term (chronic) and unpredictable symptom, which can be caused by many conditions.  It is often referred to as fecal incontinence or accidental bowel leakage (ABL). Why Does Bowel Incontinence Occur? Continence […]

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