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I fell off a ladder about 25 feet up on too a concrete floor, I went to the hospital the doctors had checked me out and set me up for a MRI but couldn’t get me in right away, they put me in a room and the nurse come in with a diaper in her hand and explained to me why they didn’t want to use a catheter on me because they didn’t know how much damage was done. She told me she was going to put a diaper on me, as she was doing it she explained to me they would be in to check on me, every 4 hours they would come in and check to see if I needed to be changed, after the first day they finally come and got me for the MRI, the results were I have pelvic floor and nerve damage, I was in the hospital for 3 days and when I left I was in diapers. I’ve seen many doctors and urologist over the first couple of years with no results, I’ve had many tests and exam’s Done with no results, after the first couple of years I give up on the doctors and urologist, I’ve been in diapers for over 20 years, the first couple of years were really hard for me, I had a doctor’s appointment and he knew I was having a hard time with having to be in diapers, he put his hand on my nee and looked me in the eye and said people wear glasses for a reason if you break your arm you wear a cast for a reason your situation is no different you wear what you have to for a reason, more I thought about what he said the more sense it made, the Main thing is just finding what works and fits properly. I’ve adjusted to having to be in diapers years ago. I tried catheters and don’t like them at all. I have total lose of my bladder control and sometimes lose of my bowel control, things got worse as the years have gone buy. This happened when I was 49 years old and I’m 69 and If I wanted any kind of a life I had to be in diapers, I’ve adjusted to it and I’m comfortable with it now.

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