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Lifelong nightly bed wetter that had to stay in pin on cloth diapers with plastic pants. Also had noisy plastic mattress cover under my sheets to catch leaks that happened 2-3 nights a week. Also struggled with daytime leaking issues and had to rush I bathrooms 15+ times a day with already damp pants. Wore thick “training pants” underwear with plastic pants under my pants to try and keep my pants dry. I always had a back p pair of pants at school when leaks would happen. When ai entered high school I was allowed to choose to stop wearing my nighttime diapers. This was a disaster as I woke up middle of the night, every night in a flood of pee. Would lay bath towels over it, go back to sleep and soak myself again. After a month or so of this I chose to go back to diapers. Not until I was almost 30 did I find a wise urologist that did a urodynamic study to discover I had a neurogenic bladder, probably since birth, that explained it all. Went to 24/7 diapers after that, quality disposables during the day and cloth at night. My stress level regarding incontinence evaporated. Now it’s nothing more than a minor issue. Very thankful wetness never causes any skin irritation or rashes.

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