September 13, 2020

I'm 16 and about 4 months Ago my tummy started grumbling after I ate certain things but I just ignored it at first then one Day I went out and had red rooster and that night I was up vomiting with the worst pain I was really confused why, I called a doctor out and they told me alot of teenagers get acid in there stomach from stress , by the next day I had to go to the hospital because the pain wouldn't stop as they did a scan on me and found nothing, later on I did more research and found out I had acid reflux I changed my diet, a few weeks later I had thought I was better so one that night I had curry chicken bad idea , I was up all night vomiting with the worst tummy pains, I then stuck to my diet of only eating certain food and started to lose a lot of wait I had lost atleast 5-10 kilos in just a few weeks, but I have stuck to my changed diet and i Feel fine and  i Don't get many symtoms but when I stress I definitely feel tummy pains and sometimes like I'm gonna throw up I cannot where to tight of clothes, and having this all the time and not being able to eat normal is honestly life changing and very hard for anyone and the only thing i ever seem to talk about it how I can't do this or I can't eat that, but I found this amazing acid watcher diet book and I'm going to try out this 28 day healing phase, I'm not on any medication at the moment but I'm going to try these betaine hci digestive support capsules, if you have run out of options or ideas on how to feel better you could try giving these a try to. 

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