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It started about a year ago when I was shopping for food. I felt sick to my stomach and all of a sudden I pooped my pants. I was very embarrassed and very upset with myself because I was in a store with about 70 to 80 people. I know that people who were behind […]


IBS will be the death of me. I am a freshman in college who has been struggling with IBS, specifically the diarrhea kind. I’ve been dealing with this for about a year and a half. It has been such a horrid time. My mental health has gone down more than you can imagine, I am […]


Hello, my name is Rabia, I’m 23 years old, my story is when I’ve had stomach issues in my childhood but i didn’t take it seriously i always thought that it’s normal because i used to eat alot of junks etc, diarrhoea become a part of my life and I’m used to it seriously, my […]


I have IBS which cycles between constipation and diarrhea. I am 71 and it has been much worse over the last 2 years of COVID. On the advice of my gastroenterologist I take 11/2 tablespoons of psyllium in water/orange juice plus 1 cap of Clearlax in water every morning. Because on most days I have […]


Hi I have suffered with IBS since 18 and then at 28 suddenly turned from urgency to go to chronic constipation. I now have chronic diarrhoea for nearly 3 months has anyone else had long spells of constipation and then sudden diarrhoea?


Since I was 42 and broke my spine. I have had cauda equina syndrome. But… I have every day diarrhoea from ten to 20 times a day. I have tried a diet low in histamines . Have tried fodmap. Avoid gluten and dairy. Proboscis. And nothing helps. If I need to go I get one […]

258-Patient Guide to Chronic Diarrhea

For most people the passage of liquid stools, or diarrhea, is a symptom that lasts for a couple of days, then resolves itself, typically within one week. These short-term episodes are typically due to infections after consuming contaminated food or drink. The average American has an episode of acute (severe or sudden onset) diarrhea every […]

Understanding Chronic or Functional Diarrhea

What is Diarrhea? Diarrhea is defined as passing frequent and/or loose or watery stools. Acute diarrhea goes away in a few weeks, and becomes chronic when it lasts longer than 3–4 weeks. If no specific cause is found after a thorough investigation and certain criteria are met, a diagnosis of functional or chronic diarrhea may […]

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