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IBS will be the death of me. I am a freshman in college who has been struggling with IBS, specifically the diarrhea kind. I’ve been dealing with this for about a year and a half. It has been such a horrid time. My mental health has gone down more than you can imagine, I am depressed. I lost my girlfriend because I don’t go out much. I don’t go out much because I’m worried and anxious that a flare up will happen. It stresses me out so much. I eat a good diet that is supposed to help IBS, but it is doing nothing. I’ve gone to a ton of doctors and they have just prescribed pills that haven’t worked much. I’ve slipped into a deep state of depression, a hole I don’t feel that I can climb out of. It is very difficult and I just pray that it gets better, however, I don’t think it ever will. My relationships with friends and peers has gone out the window, I’m constantly anxious, I’m heavily stressed. Quality of life has been absolutely terrible and it’s not getting any better.

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