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What you can do about a Noisy Tummy?

There is no specific treatment for borborygmi. They may accompany common disturbances of intestinal function such as dyspepsia or irritable bowel syndrome. If diarrhea is present, or malnutrition/malabsorption is suspected, a doctor should be consulted.

Diet may help if lactose intolerance is truly present, or if there is excessive ingestion of fructose or the artificial sweetener (and also laxative) sorbitol. These are commonly present in diet gums, candies, and preserves. Excessive amounts of these sugars (not just one stick of diet gum) may cause diarrhea, flatus, and increased intestinal noise.

Bowel sounds are normal. But if, despite these explanations, you feel that your bowels’ noises are interfering with your enjoyment of life, you should discuss the problem with your family doctor.

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