Title Biofeedback & Bowel Disorders: Teaching Yourself to Live without the Problem

Biofeedback is a neuromuscular reeducation tool we can use to tell if certain processes in our bodies are working correctly. It is a painless process that uses a computer and a video monitor to display bodily functions that we usually are not aware of. Special sensors measure these functions, which are displayed as sounds we can hear, or as linegraphs we can see on a computer screen. A therapist helps us use this displayed information to modify or change abnormal responses to more normal patterns such as increasing a response, decreasing a response, or learning to coordinate two responses more effectively.

Author 1 First Name Mary K
Author 1 Last Name Plumme
Author 2 First Name Jeanette
Author 2 Last Name Tries
Author Designation OTR, BCIA-PMBD & PhD, OTR
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