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My GERD /ARRHYTHMIA STORYI had abnormal heart rhythms for over 10 years. As it would come and go it was difficult to capture the abnormality on a monitor. My heart would race, thump, stop, race, thump, stop in a very erratic manner. This would go on for 1-8 hours leaving me exhausted as if my […]


I’m a 33 years old male from UK.My symptoms started 4 weeks ago. Usually in the evenings for a week, arriving home some choking feelings which didn’t affect my swallowing or breathing, simply felt worrying.A week later at work, it started as well, but I couldn’t swallow properly and felt the airway was tighter. Went […]


Off and on pain for years. Seems to be triggered by anxiety and depression. Sitting in church today and can’t focus because my stomach and chest are hurting. Burning sensation. So annoying. Taking pantoprazole but it seems like sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Had an endoscopy 2 to 3 yrs ago and everything […]


I’m an 85 year old male with a life long, on and off problem with a, “lazy bowel.” Pooping was, thank the Lord, a problem until I discovered a “silver bullet.” As a kid my mom would administer castor oil for my problem. It worked! After reaching 80, two trips to the ER I was […]


My journey into this nightmare started when I started peri menopause. I didn’t know then that dropping estrogen weakens the sphincter muscle. Around that time I lifted a stupidly heavy table and heard and felt the les muscle rip. The pain was unbelievable. So now, many, many years later and with my estrogen continuing to […]

2023 GERD Awareness Week: Shedding Light on Life with GERD

IFFGD raises awareness about GERD and its impacts on an individual’s quality of life MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C., Oct. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) affects millions worldwide, challenging their daily lives with persistent symptoms and discomfort. A population-based survey showed that 2 of 5 Americans reported having experienced GERD symptoms in the past, and 1 of […]


My dad had Gerd pretty bad as I remember. I remember growing up and seeing him gulp down Maalox. We always had a bottle on the frig. When I got to be around my mid-fifties, I started feeling heartburn. I woke up and had pain in my chest. It was lower, at my xyphoid area. […]


I developed GERD and IBS about 2.5 years ago. I went through a lot of stressful life events and ever since then I’ve been suffering from neverending stomach pain/ cramping and horrible acid creeping up my throat, especially when I’m trying to sleep at night. It feels ike acid is burning a hole in my […]


male 60+ have had throat burning reflux episodes. am fit and active, non smoker. had an endoscopy within the year which found no issues. was on PepcidAC alone for years, then began on Nexium for 2 yrs ago + PepcidAC 1 tab each night. I was no longer having any throat burning episodes but after […]


Three years ago kept waking up at 2am with heart racing and sky high blood pressure. Felt nauseous and chest and arm pain. This went on and off until had three attacks in one week. Each Ecg came back fine. It wasn’t until fourth attack in a week that I examined by a Gastro consultant […]


Names Deon. Like most stated, acid reflux. burping., bloating, tried every PPI and some helped others did nothing. Recently felt shortness off breathe like trying to catch my breathe n with pains between my shoulder blades n tummy. It feels miserable. The Anxiety is there. I have done so many scopes and I really need […]


I have been diagnosed with GERD last year, month of October. I did 3 bad things at the same time. I eat oranges, nuggets and then drank my antibiotic then I sleep immediately just to wake up after an hour with a burning sensation in my throat and in my right chest. I hated myself […]

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