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I had an endoscopy done 7 years ago after a few months of complaining of bloating and discomfort in my stomach. Turned out I had acid reflux, a hiatal hernia and gastritis. I was never really a “healthy” eater, but did my best to limit most of my triggers. Most were easy, aside of my intense love affair with coffee. My symptoms were never unbearable, until Jan 2023, I had a devil flames coming up the back of my throat during the night and had to be put on meds for 4-6 weeks. And then it happened again, in April 2024, symptoms were much worse, I had tonsillitis, could not swallow, talking was painful, burning was throughout the day and would not ease up. Now after three weeks of elimination diet and meds, my throat, though much better still burns once certain foods are ingested. Like once I’ve chewed it starts burning when I go to swallow. Does anyone else have the same thing going on? I get it coming up throat but burning before going down, is that normal? Wishing all who are on a similar journey strength. Finding this website has been helpful hearing different stories and knowing some have adjusted to a normal life. Hopeful that one day, we all can get to this. Keep swimming.

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