I’ve had numerous health struggles since middle school, many involving GI and abdominal issues. Gastroparesis didn’t come into the picture until college. It started with a bezoar causing me to black out in the middle of class, unsure why I had sudden intense pain in my stomach–it was pushed through my GI tract and hit […]


I am 52 and I’m not sure how long I have had gastroparesis I had a very large hiatal hernia 2017 had a hernia surgery but got worse few months later found out gallbladder collapsed and hernia came back so I had another hernia surgery and gall bladder taken out so I called dr back […]


My story involves more than just gastroparesis. So I can’t really recall the first time I had most of these symptoms because well it’s been that long. Basically my whole life I would eat like a bird. I would practically eat 2-3 bites and be done. My stomach always feels full and I feel nauseous […]


I have been suffering for 5 yrs. With pain and vomiting and was finally given a diagnosis this year of gastroparesis. It is so horriable. Im almost to the point i dont want to eat because i know whats following. Family and friends dont really understand. They are sympathetic but dont really understand the magnitude […]


My name is Jaden, I’m 24 years old from Vancouver, Washington. I was diagnosed with Gastroparesis last year and I’m still struggling. I was sent to five specialists to try to determine what is causing this but no luck. The last specialist I was going to see before losing my job and my medical benefits, […]


Constipation and dysentry, both have been constant companions throughout my adult life. Most of it is hereditary, my brothers have it too. This has been a constant source of headache literally, for all of us. Once relieved, my mind has felt lot calmer. Otherwise i am given to fits of anger and even physical aggression. […]


My name is Jonathan and I have lived with gastroparesis for 25 years. It is probably the most painful, uncomfortable disorder I have (and I have more than a few). In the past 15 years alone I have spent well over $9,000.00 in OTC and prescription drugs, changed my diet from a high fiber diet, […]


About 11 years ago I was diagnosed with POTS. It took 6 months and 6 doctors to discount my symptoms completely. From the beginning my sudden issues were blamed on stress and anxiety by just about everyone. My immediate family. My friends. My trauma surgeon father in law who said my problems were above his […]

2022 Gastroparesis Awareness Month: The Burdens, Concerns, and Quality of Life for Individuals

For Immediate Release Media Contact: International Foundation for Gastrointestinal Disorders (IFFGD) raises awareness for Gastroparesis Awareness Month to shed light on the challenges of living with gastroparesis MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C., July 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Gastroparesis Awareness Month, established by IFFGD in 2016, takes place every year during the month of August. IFFGD utilizes its platform to support […]


My story starts a little different from most I suppose. Three years ago, I woke up one am with one breast huge and red. I’m not breastfeeding and was in my mid 30s so I went to the ER and they said mastitis and gave me antibiotics. At that point I was feeling nauseated and […]


Hi. To be honest I’ve always had stomach problems for as long as i could remember, literally the story I’ve heard the most was about when i was maybe a year old and i had to be rushed to the ER cause i hadn’t pooped in like 2 wks.I’ve always had problems like that, always […]


I have been struggling pretty terribly this last year and a half. I had to quit my job because the hypoglycemia attacks on my body were so often, I couldn’t do my job anymore and realized I needed to seek help. I had a surgery a couple years prior for my esophagus in which they […]

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