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I started gas problem in 2007 and this problem continued for two whole months and I took some medicine of immunity from my country and got cured. When I went to any country for some work, this gas problem would start again in three or four days, and that’s why I would return to my country and it would be cured automatically. It is now 2023 and I am not getting well. After many tests and endoscopy, the doctors say there is no problem, you do not have a single disease in the test. . Symptoms: I feel like going to the bathroom three to four times a day, but the stool is not complete, then I go two or three times. First, my weight was 78 kg and now I am 58 kg. It happened because now the large intestine comes out a little due to stress. In one test, there are HP lori and some problems have started due to weakness in the knee. My age is 33 male.

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