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I been suffering all my life with constipation and stomach issues. I have had many “exploratory” surgeries growing up. I have had laxatives, fruit and you name it. I Offset when it worked with anti diarrhea when it went bad the opposite direction.

2020 September I had a gall bladder surgery, 2020 December a nissen fundoplation and found problems 2021 March with emptying. Told me to go see specialist. Took 1 tree to get the dang nurse to send my paperwork to right people. Dr did another colonoscopy after told all was good and told again good. Finally after another 9mo. To year I see the GI. Did every test invasive to non to say it’s in my head. I found said y’all never rain the emptying like my surgeon said… he ran it. 46% severe Gastroparesis. I was told from a PA because my gi left and pretty much the whole department. Now I’m lost and don’t know what to do. Do I wait until September for the only one in Mississippi to come back to her own practice or go to UAB. I’m not scared. I got faith over fear but the lack of life is horrible

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