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Summit therapeutics

Our mission is to build a viable, long-lasting health care organization that assumes full responsibility for designing, developing, trial enrollment, regulatory approval, and commercializing patient-, physician-, caregiver-, payor-, and societal-friendly medicinal therapy* intended to improve quality of life, increase potential duration of life, and resolve serious medical healthcare needs.  To identify and control promising product candidates based on exceptional scientific development and administrational expertise, develop our products in a rapid, cost-efficient manner, and to engage commercialization and/or development partners when and where appropriate.  We accomplish this by building a team of world class scientists and business administrators that apply themselves to this mission.  Team Summit exists to strategize and execute a path forward in medicinal therapeutic health care that places us in a well-deserved top market share leadership position.  Team Summit assumes responsibility for stimulating continuous expansion of knowledge, ability, capability, and wealth for all involved stakeholders. 

We are committed to finding treatments for serious unmet healthcare needs, including those that target the cause of the disease, preserve the microbiome, and allow the patient to recover with minimal physical and emotional trauma. Summit is focused on taking the bold moves required to find solutions to help avoid the impact of a perturbed or damaged microbiome. The company believes that knowledge of the microbiome is critical to help prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases.

Our new mechanism pipeline product candidates are designed with the goal to become the patient-friendly, new-era standard of care, by working in harmony with the human microbiome to treat prospective patients suffering from infectious diseases, initially focusing on Clostridioides difficile infection (CDI). Currently, Summit’s lead product candidate, ridinilazole, is a novel, first-in-class drug engaged in a global Phase III trial program versus vancomycin, for use as first-line therapy for the treatment of initial and recurrent C. difficile infection, and to show superiority in sustained clinical response. If approved, ridinilazole has the potential to be the first antibiotic with a novel mechanism of action approved in over 10 years. Ridinilazole is not approved by any regulatory authority, and commercialization of ridinilazole is subject to regulatory approvals

We are proud to have talented, passionate people on our team. We pride ourselves on the experience and expertise every individual brings, and we believe it is the people who power our success. We are a team who is passionate about creating the new benchmark for patient-focused care, with the commitment to become a leader in the microbiome industry, with patients as our central focus.

info@summitplc.com – www.summittxinc.com

*For our purposes, friendly medicinal therapy is defined as follows:  therapeutic efficacy (cure with duration and without recurrence and resistance) over therapeutic trauma.  Therapeutic trauma is defined as serious side effects while on therapy or post-therapy but related to therapy, disease recurrence, patient non–compliance with daily dosage due to challenges associated with our therapy, its unaffordability, or inaccessibility

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