I am a female 18 year old with IBS-C.After the cheerleading season ended I started to notice many different things going on around my body. I started out with my coccyx hurting. Every time I sat down I felt pain, needles and numbness all around the tailbone area. Day by day the pain worsen and […]


I’ve been struggling with IBS with diarrhea and constipation for last 3 years. I never had the horrible stomach pains but as a result from the IBS I do suffer immensely from hemorrhoids. I used to have it under control I thought with just minor flare ups here and there but recently the pain has […]


I have strained to poop most my life. For the last two years, age 66, had major problems with constipation. Tried EVERYTHING. READ EVERYTHING AND FOLLOWED IT ALL! NOTHING WORKED VERY WELL, and I was straining way too much. BUT, FINALLY FINALLY, got it! NORMALCY, but I must follow a strict diet, everyday. They did […]


I used to suffer from constipation all my life which I could not rid of. I had used many available remedies including having food of high fiberous content, drink more juices and others. None worked. At the end l tried something differently: I started to drink 6 glasses of hot water each day which cured […]


I have suffered with severe constipation all my adult life, have visited many specialists, had colonoscopies and other tests done but all seemed ok.This last time was extreme. 3 weeks, nothing!!!!!. I went seeking help. The doctor gave me medicine. I landed up in ER, they gave me more gastly medicine and sent me on […]


Chronic constipation for 70 years. After many experiments I have found a system that works for me. Last thing at night or late evening have a bowl of allbran (how much is up to your results). THEN early morning about 4 or 5 o’clock take 2 magnesium citrate tablets with water. Next morning, there you […]


Living with ibs is not fun, and it has made me need to make many lifestyle changes. I am 15 years old and I am currently on a lowfodmap diet. I know that you arnt supposed to stay on that diet for long, but my stomach really hurts unless I am on it. Its really […]


From as far back as I can remember, I’ve had digestive issues. I remember being 2 and 3 years old, rolling around on the floor in agony while screaming and crying. As a baby the doctor told my mom I had a dairy allergy which was cut out of my diet. The stomach pain however, […]


I’m a 22 year old college student from MN. Born in Egypt, raised in the US. I got diagnosed with IBS – Constipation & GERD when I was 15. I got Post – Infectious IBS from when I traveled back to my home country then. I ate at a restaurant over there & I ended […]


Chronic, long-term or recurring, constipation is more challenging to treat than common simple constipation. People who are constipated may experience any one or more of… reduced stool frequency, hard stools, difficulty passing stools, straining, painful bowel movements, or feeling of incomplete emptying after defecation. Irregularity or simple constipation now and then may happen for many […]