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Praise be to Jesus, Mary, and St. Joseph! St. Michael, pray for us. I began having constipation after giving birth. I was diagnosed with “pelvic prolapse” and my intestines I think are not in the same shape or place they used to be before giving birth.
I began to experience more constipation and also perhaps all the hormone changes of going through pregnancy, breast-feeding and my age.
I have tried many different approaches to my diet and lifestyle to correct this issue over the years. Laxatives are hit and miss, depending upon the kinds of foods I would eat. The laxatives react differently according to the kind of food and the timing of taking them (either hours after eating or right with the meal, seems to make a big difference). Lately I have tried drinking prune juice without pulp. The pulp seems to weigh it down and make it less useful. This is all trial-and-error methods I have used over time.
Lately I have tried mixing in parsley and fresh chopped cilantro in with bread cubes that are added some water and other spices like garlic, onions, etc. I have tried eating raw white onions as they can kick the digestive tract into gear. The down-side to raw white onions and prune juice is that they can upset the stomach and cause gas.
I have also had times of exercise and lack of exercise to see what happens. I noticed that if I exercise maybe one hour that is fine. I find that sometimes if I am out too long, it can also result in constipation as I’m not getting to the bathroom frequently. Also, taking a nap seems to aid digestion for some reason, but not over-doing the naps.
I have read of people getting rectal cancer and the cause may be toxic food sitting in their gut too long. Even for healthy people, just my advice is to take a half a cup of prune juice every day, maybe before bed. That way, the toxic food we eat can move right along. I have found that drinking liquid during the day, as long as possible, and keeping the big protein meal at night, when the day is done, is helpful and helps with sleeping. I tend to like Kombucha, grape juice but I realize, this is not always possible for many people to do. I read about soaking nuts before eating them, but I have not tried this yet. Unfortunately caffeine is not good so I don’t try to use that anymore to kick my digestive track into gear.
I feel a lot better and have more energy when I am NOT constipated. Mixing in herbs with soggy bread cubes helps a lot. I read that the fresh cilantro is also very healing. One thing that can be difficult is getting enough complex carbs and protein if you suffer from constipation. I have found that eating avocados helps. I used to eat raw nuts, but those seem to not be that great for this problem. Greek Yogurt is hit-or-miss, that is why I prefer avocados, but they can be very pricey and also depends on the time of year

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