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I’m an 85 year old male with a life long, on and off problem with a, “lazy bowel.” Pooping was, thank the Lord, a problem until I discovered a “silver bullet.” As a kid my mom would administer castor oil for my problem. It worked! After reaching 80, two trips to the ER I was utterly humiliated. I switched PCM’s from a DR to a DO hoping to find some causes. Treating symptoms with drugs, as I discovered, was not my first line of choice. My new PCM, a DO, encouraged me to look at some causes. A lot of reading, and consoltation with her and friends introduced me to ground flax seeds. I made a gradual switch and after about two weeks I’m in a new reality! I’m on the Bristol Stool Chart exceeding the minimal three times a week.
I wish to encourage someone else by my story but run it by your trusted PCM.

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