Bowel Incontinence

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Many otherwise healthy, active people suffer from loss of bowel control, or bowel incontinence.

Bowel incontinence, also called fecal incontinence or accidental bowel leakage (ABL), strikes people of all ages. It involves the involuntary or accidental leakage or loss of solid or liquid stool.

Bowel incontinence is a distressing and isolating condition. It has a major impact on social and work related aspects of life. It’s not a part of the normal aging process.

There are numerous causes for bowel incontinence.

Most importantly, there are ways to treat and manage the condition.

Learn more about Bowel Incontinence

Visit our sister site, About Bowel Incontinence, for more information about the disorder, signs & symptoms, treatment, and tips for living with it.
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