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Hi, I’ve had a wild ride with GERD and I’m still struggling, but things are getting better, or maybe I’m being too optimistic. It started in 2017 with a case of food poisoning and that seemed to set something off in my stomach and I’ve struggled since. My GERD along with my anxiety contributed to an eating disorder and I was hospitalised for 5 weeks being underweight. The doctors didn’t listen to me in the hospital. I did not get diagnosed with GERD and I struggled to explain my symptoms of bloating and early fullness which all my family attributed to my eating disorder and anxiety. I finally got diagnosed at the end of 2020 after 3 years of dealing with it and got put on Nexium 40mg. I have now reduced it to 20mg. I have to give up spicy and fried food and struggling to give up alcohol too. I just wish I could live a normal life again.

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