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I was diagnosed with GERD grade B before 3 moths,

i thought this will not last too long, as my doctor was reacting too cold toward it,

but since that ,i have not had a normal day anymore, i wasn’t aware which food I’m supposed to eat, and which are the ones i should avoid, so I made a lot of mistakes which made suffer more,

i was a coffee-addicted but not anymore, which makes me feel so sad.

having a constant heartburn, headaches and unbalanced,

waking up in the mid of night feeling my chest is burning, bitter taste on my tongue and so..,

also , my tongue s colour is always white since I got sick ,

after reading other people’s experiences with GERD,I became so depressed ,because most of patients have been suffering from this disease for a years ,which means it never get cured totally,

I hope one day I wake up and it will be gone forever.


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