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For twenty years I vomited every day, every single jghft day. then it went into certain times like 12:00 lunch time at work .I would race home throw up on the way home get in my shower hot water seems to help, shower for 20 min and head back to work tired wore out.I was in numerous ERs. Go on vacation and end up in a hospital room . They would shake their heads say don’t know and I would leave the hospital throwing up on the way out several times ,,, thanks ER I also had every test in the book in out & upside down. was by chance in the er one day when a visiting Dr seen me and suggested after everything I told him about was C.V.S.
Looked it up and bam every single symptom, every one was me it was a as if a big twenty year weight was suddenly lifted of my shoulder,s I used to be able to handle it but I must be getting older cause its a lot harder. My new Dr a gastro Dr is trying but he don’t realize the stress on my wife and son they have it worse , they always worry we might get to a restaurant and 5 min later we have to leave. anyone with cvs knows what I,m talking about. Right now with all the pain and trial expensive medications . constant stomach pain , relentless vomiting and trying to stay working, I am understanding why people would get overwhelmed and want to end it.
Was told again yesterday there is no cause and no cure.

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