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Im 38yrs old Way back in 2014, I was assigned to work far from my place (bigger paycheck d:-). I was so stressed with work and miss meals (dinner) many times due to long hours in the office, I quit the job and return to my place and experienced chest pain, nausea and generally feeling sick. went to a doctor and was diagnosed with anxiety, took meds 2 days but no improvement so I went to see another doctor, my BP elevated during the check-up and the doctor prescribed Blood pressure medication maybe because I am overweight. I felt anxious and did not take the medication, went to see another doctor for a check-up, this time a cardiologist. that time I did not feel dizzy, no chest pain, and since the doctor knows me ( a doctor of my grandma), He said maybe I’m just cautious since my grandma died of high blood pressure, he told me I’m normal and maybe anxiety. Did not take any meds, eat normally, drink coffee and soda drinks. following week chest pain again, burping and gas-passing frequently. went to see another doctor and undergo ECG, after few minutes of checking here and there, statoscope in the chest, back, no problem, then I Burp 3x and told him my mouth taste sour and bitter in the morning so he uses his stethoscope in my abdomen area and the whole stomach then he concluded it is a GERD, undergo medication Nexium 40 for 14 days and went well. since then I have several GERD attacks up to now, this year is worst, undergo lower abdomen ultrasound, liver test, ALT, etc to check if I have gallstone (negative) a few weeks ago I experienced chest pain and I feel like I’m about to faint so I drive to the ER, undergo ECG, TROP test to check if I have a heart problem, several tests for kidney (creatinine), etc and everything is normal. it’s quite frustrating but I have to live with it, the low food intake causes me to lose several lbs. the doctor also prescribed me with anxiety drug (as needed). Il be off in my Pantoplus medication 3 days from now, felt better vs. last week. low food intake, 5 small meals a day with Banana helps. I feel like if I will lose 30-40lbs before the year ends. I miss the old days, no GERD

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