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Off and on pain for years. Seems to be triggered by anxiety and depression. Sitting in church today and can’t focus because my stomach and chest are hurting. Burning sensation. So annoying. Taking pantoprazole but it seems like sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Had an endoscopy 2 to 3 yrs ago and everything clean. Had a colonoscopy 10 yrs ago everything clean. Due for one now. Will probably do cologuard for now though. Just so exasperated by this condition. It makes me miserable and irritable amd no one can really understand it unless you go through it. Praying by God’s grace this flare up subsides and I find a way to keep this thing off of me…effects my entire life. Mild weight loss happens. …sometimes drastic. For now I have lost about 7 to 8 pounds which by the way I have needed…lol. Two days ago I think I had a food poison incident. So add that to my acid reflux…I was miserable!!!! Lord help me and everyone going through this get relief.

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