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Mine started in 2018 I got cellulitis and was put on antibotics, a week later I was eating something with onions and at three am I woke up in pain horrible pain, a lot of gas as well. I rush to the bathroom and got sick to my stomach, I thought okay I ate something bad. The next few days I was in pain not as bad as the first day, it finally calmed down. Then I started having loose stool and noticed that when I ate onion, garlic, artifical sweetners, cashews, spicey foods, some deep fried foods, avocado and a lot of sugar and drink certain sodas, I would have pains that were severe to mild and soft to loose stool a five to a seven on the bristol stool chart. I sometimes, not often strain to go, I spoke to my doctor gave him all my symptoms, which had been going on for three months by this time, told him my family history, no bloody stool, no family history of cancer, not loosing weight, or thin stools, that I do have anxiety, depression, PTSD and bipolar, which as doctor told me that goes hand in hand with IBS, sometimes I have normal stool for weeks and months at a time, other times I have loose stool for weeks at a time, and that my dad also may have IBS as his symptoms were very similar to mine, he told me that I have IBS/D and to stick with low fodmap and take fiber and drink water. I just turned 49 and have been dealing with this for four years now and I suspect longer as I have had mild symptoms ever since I was a kid. It hasn’t impacted my life much other than I can’t eat the way I used to or a lot of the foods I love, I am still figuring out what I can and cannot eat, as doctor said my IBS is mild compared to a lot of people.

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