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Problems started around 10 yrs. old with very bad gasteral pains on rare occasions until 19 then was in car accident and 6 months later had exploratory surgery for torn entestine and hernia and removed appendix while they were already in there. Had 2 inches below stomach removed doc said I would be on Rolaids the rest of my life. Things went down hill shortly after that first was very bad acid reflex then visits to the ER. Years later removed gallbladder do to extreme nausea and a few years after that more visits to the ER with serious vomiting, Diarria and very bad stomach pain. I was getting very bad gastritis attacks. I have been on all different kinds of acid reflex pills but Prevacid works the best, it sais you should only be on it for a couple of years but I’m going on 28 years now of taking it along with Zantac and 4 other meds for nausia, diarrea, very bad stomach pain and cramps. I have had every possible test and ex-rays done through the years a number of times and have been diagnosed with severe IBS, minor chrons dasiese, gerd and very bad acid reflex. I am now 48 and have been suffering from this for 29 years now and sometimes I can’t wait to go to the great kingdom of God but then realize things could be much worse and that this is just my cruch in life and I am here for a reason. The only good thing about this is it keeps my weight normal, anyway people who don’t have this have no clue how miserable it is. This is my storie and thanks for giving me a way to vent.

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