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Since I was in high school I had developed IBS-D (diarrhoea predominant irritable bowel syndrome). Fortunately I do not consider myself to have a chronic but frequent flare-ups of diarrhoea. It has been sort of a nightmare with me as I have had many embarrassing public diarrhoea accidents as one of the ‘perks’ of this disorder. Some of my more most embarrassing were my accident in Paris at the ticket counter of the Gare de Lyon. It was also a hot summer day and I was wearing shorts as well.

I was caught off guard as most of these accidents were, and as I had a small accident in queue, I left the queue and tried to find the ‘hommes’ (Yes, I am 25yo Japanese-Swiss male). I went across the main concourse and spotted the men’s loo. I made a mad dash towards it. en route another ‘wave’ hit me and this disgusting lava had spilled a trail behind me all over this concourse as I was making for the loo. That was embarrassing of course.

Then whilst on a visit with a friend in Sušice, in Czech Republic, as I was leaving and on this bus (an old Soviet Era intercity bus with NO lo!) again in early Autumn I was wearing short pants and had only one change of clothes, a faded pair of levis. En route to Praha (Prague) I hadnearly had an accident in my shorts on that bus and I begged the driver to pull over so I could get off and take care of personal business. As I was starting to let loose in the stepwell, he reacted by capitulating and pulling over. I got off and made a mess on the shoulder. I got back in with soiled clothing and as these old busses had no luggage hold I had my luggage on board with me. I got out my only other pair of pants a faded pair of Levi jeans. I put these on despite the bad odour and being still soiled, and before we got into Prague, I had another ‘wave’ to contend with.

This time I got off the bus again and managed to spare my last pair of (relatively) clean jeans. I cancelled my flight back to France as I was sick in this hotel I booked for a couple of days until I could travel again.

Then this one birthday party in San Francisco where ironically I had a close Chinese friend as professional photographer. We had a Black Russian party as this was my birthday party, and as I rarely consume alcohol, these drinks had gotten to me and as I was (the worst time possible) wearing a pair of white pants well, had an accident in them from all that alcohol. (They were ruined)!

My friend got some professional pictures of my little embarrassment and wanted to make them pubic in his portfolio. I begged him not to make public so he gave me a couple of prints for safe keeping. (Hopefully this won’t violate any guidelines here on this website) but I had taken the liberty to publish one of his pictures of my resulting ‘back passage’ (I have all required permissions as he is a personal friend of mine).

I only do this to give example of the embarrassments I have sustained. Again fortunately these are more on the rare side, but have been known to have happened. (Pictured here is one of my worst accidents). IN actuality, these experiences being not only embarrassing, but have been of course no fun, and now I try to take the route of proper diet to avoid any future episodes. I was taking Dicyclomine (Bentyl) but not too effective.

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