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Hi I want to share my storie with GERD or Acid Reflux it all started with a weird feeling in the middle of my chest which turned into difficult swallowing I wasn’t able to swallow my saliva but I was able to swallow food with no problems I also had heartburn when I layed down , shortness of breath and chest tightness and what made things worst I had anxiety I had 3 panic attacks which I never had before and the pandemic didn’t make things better thru this I got really depressed and I experience sum weight loss because I didn’t have the drive to eat because it was to much overtime everything else got better but I’m still having difficult swallowing but it’s not as bad when it first started it’s still there I have a appointment with the gastroentolgist coming up soon I hope they help me if anybody going thru dysphagia heartburn chest tightness sleepless nights ect please comment down below it helps to know your not alone please comment down below if you have some type of similar experience I have with GERD telling your story will help thank you.

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