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I have been dealing with IBS-D for the last 10 years.My GI problems Started when i was a baby.I was lactose intolerant. During my teenage years I was diagnosed with GERD Then treated for that.It was in my late 20’s when I started to pry for answers. I have found it very helpful to keep a food diary and try to avoid “triggers” daily Here is what has helped.

  • I have explained this disease to everyone I know.
  • I’m not ashamed to refuse foods during(family,friend,inlaw) dinners
  • Pro Biotic shots have helped with the cramping and have acted as a binding agent
  • Loperamide (eg, Imodium) is my best friend.It has allowed me to socialize and regain confidence that I will make it to the washroom on time.Above all it has reduced my anxiety.
  • Marijuana is the only thing that kills the pain.(Some may have an issue with this but I swear it reduces the smooth muscle spasm without the twisting, gut wrenching pain of antispasmodics)*
  • Do not give into the munchies associated with the pain relief of marijuana as it will only counteract
  • Antispasmodics did nothing for me
  • Mint tea helps reduce the bloating and gas
  • Be aware that dark teas can also cause D But as Im sure you’ve noticed you cant cure one symptom without causing another
  • Regular sleep schedules do wonders…Seriously GET YOUR REST 🙂
  • Stress reduction also does wonders
  • When I say wonders…I mean slight improvement.Im really trying to make the best out of it.

I refuse to let it control my life but I also try not to be so hard on myself because the fact is that I have a disease that consumes every damn day of my life.I do the best I can with what I know and I hope one day there will be a cure.Those who do not suffer with IBS do not understand the impact and stress that we deal with everyday. IBS-D has forced me to do some soul searching,to fight against my anxiety daily,to better manage my eating,sleeping etc and it has showed me who’s real and who’s not.


I wish for you all the strength and patience that this requires and to keep your head up.Try not to let it control you.You control it.Yes I know that’s not always possible, I know that it’s rarely the case but I promise that a change in thinking towards positive does help reduce anxiety and so does

Sleep and Loperamide xo

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