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I’ve had IBS-D for over 20years now and have learned that anything high in fiber, fast food, prepackaged foods, alcohol and even milks will keep me running to the bathroom 4-5 times a day. sometimes it just doesn’t matter what I eat, I’ll get bloated, pains and then the diarrhea will start the next day. Of course, 30 minutes after I eat I’ll have to use the restroom. So timing is everything. However, I don’t let this condition stop me from living my life. I think the first part of having IBS is not being ashamed and hide your condition. Be open to yourself and others around you that you just might have to jump up and use the restroom without warning several times. I make it a habit to carry extra clothing, diaper wipes and depends with me. I commute to work 1 1/2 hours a day each way. My IBS is usually in the morning and sometimes I can’t stop and find a restroom in time. So now, I just put on my adult diaper and go. If I make it I make it and if I don’t, I can take off the disposable panty, pull out the wipes and I’m back on the road feeling fresh, clean and confident. I don’t have to worry about changing my clothes if I have an episode.
I will have to say that I still think the IBS starts in the stomach because it feels like an infection and your body just can’t get the food out fast enough. Well that’s my quick solution for managing my IBS, until they find the cause and for those you who are active and don’t want to stop, just go out and buy some disposable underwear and live your life!

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