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Hello, Reading the experiences is so heartbreaking. I want to share what has helped me. For 2 yrs now I have had so many scary symptoms from reflux and wasnt sure what it was. I was convinced I would die at times. i went to 3 Dr’s and the ER. They all said this will fix you but this is what really helped me. I drink only Alkaline water, I do not eat raw fruits or veggies that are hard and crunchy. Milk of Magnesia helps me feel better. It helped the most. I also quit gluten, sugar and milk. I dont eat fried foods. I quit eating for day between 4 and 6 pm and I try not to eat until after 7 am. Be gentle with your insides. It has worked for me. 
I could barely eat, lost 20 pounds, and all my food floated back up but after taking MOM for 10 days and making the dietary changes I am finally feeling better and eating more. I took 2 prescriptions and did the antacids but they did not help me feel better. I hope this helps someone. 

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