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The last 2 months have been horrible. Very much a rollercoaster ride. Doctors don’t know what’s going on. 

2 months ago I fell ill with what I thought was a gastro bug. Symptoms were lethargy, stomach cramps, constant nausea, occasional diarrhoea, loss of appetite and weakness. I went through all the tests and they all came back clear. Very frustrating as I feel like the doc doesn’t care. 

Within 10 days, I started to feel normal again. Eating and drinking fine (previously I couldn’t stomach anything). Within a week of feeling fine, I went backwards again for a few days. This was up and down. 

Until this week just gone, it was the worst week. I was forcing myself to vomit as I thought that was what I thought would make me feel better. I was wrong. Couldn’t drink, couldn’t eat. Stomach cramps, aches in my abdomen. Lost 5kg in a month. 

No foods aggravate anything. Bowel motions fine. Tests all clear. 

Please help or advice welcome. 

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