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I had 5 back surgries and aftert the last one where they fused me I became fecal incontinent.  I was contipated from all the meds  and could no longer have a BM after breakfast as wqs my usual,, and then started having accidents during the day. this was no way to live and ai wanted to die , as I was active  and social and this took my life away.  I tried various thinhgs like fiber etc. but nothing worked well. then  I decided to use an enema bag full fo warm water and clean myself out in the morning , maybe 3 to 6 bags  until I was clean, and was able to continue the rest of my day as a normal person , I used pads for security but I rarely ever had an accident. if i did it was very small resdidue which My pad was able to handle.                             Ive been doing this every morning and yes, I use a small amount of magnesium CALM powder every night to soften things up , the enema can take an hour to perform . I read the news .  the ony problem is that now I cannot live w/o it as I cannot take laxatives as I cannot hold runny stools

So this is how I live my life now , I am dependent on my enemas but I can be normal the rest of the day. no accidents at night.

this may come in handy for ssomebody who has the same FI problem. My main problem wnhen I travel is to find a place to hang my bag above the toilet .so I can sit on the toilet while feedingthe enema hose, less messy than normal enemas. I use only warm water no additives. sometimes I use left over coffee but thats inconvenient. 

after about a year I developed dybiosis IBS where I started having too much gas pressure on rectum which was unconfortable . It gtradually got worse . I dont think its related to the enema but more to all the antibiotics I have taken that basically landed me with unbalanced microbiome. 

After trying many supplements for SIBO cure  and just getting worse I finally had a comprehensive stool test which showed I had a very high amount of yeast in my gut and that was the source of all my gas and bloating. Not sure the source of yeast but antibiotics comes to mind.  I am now on medication called NYSTATIN which is an antifungal med. I hope this will solve my problem. Hope this may help other people who end up with FI for whatever reason,  to get their lives back w/o any surgeries. Love and blessings 

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