Ihave suffered from IBS for many years when I was  about 25 pounds heavier than Iam now My IBS ‘”D” ‘prevelent was terrible   Ihad many accidents ,and terrible gas and bloating I was afraid of having an accident and going out to eat ment being careful

I tried eveything including several prescriptions which my Gastro Recommended  I tried One d rug was vey dangerous  and I decided it wasn’t worth the risk 

 After losing 25 pounds several years ago, I simplified my diet Ihave Yogurt for breakfast Iput shredded wheat in it Ihave Soup for lunch with fruit  or plain toast and I watch what I have for dinner Probably  the the best thing for me is that I know cosume 2 Fiber Gummies aday They have five grams of fiber a piece 

 The constant cramping is gone and I only occasional hav a flare up It probaly is  not scientific but I also take vitamins and Calcium It works for me. i wish all others the best Rose

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