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My name is Robert, 46 years old from the Philippines. My experience with GERD started 3 weeks ago. While I was doing my Work from Home duties from the Office, suddenly and abruptly. I felt vomiting the first time and regurgitation of foods to my mouth occur suddenly. I felt lump in my throat, difficulty swallowing and food slowly goes down my throat made me felt anxious and stressed. I immediately went to ENT and found out that I have LPR and gave me prescriptions like Gaviscon Double Action and Omeprazole for 7 days. As I was about to finish my medication, still all the symptoms persists especially my throat issue. Then I decided to consult with the GastroEnterologist Doctor and complained all my symptoms especially my throat lump, etc. He immediately scheduled and require me to do an Upper GI Endoscopy. As I was driving home from the clinic, I felt that I’m losing air and felt that I was having a heart attack. Fortunately, there was a hospital nearby and I drove to the ER to check my condition. The ER Doctor immediately conducted a series of tests (CBC with platelet, ECG, Troponin I – to check if I’m having a heart attack, Chest X’Ray, Sodium/Potassium) and all came normal results. The doctor immediately did an IV of Ranitidine and Omeprazole and temporarily relieve my feeling.

After the meds wears off, the symptoms came back and it became worse. I was having numbness in my left foot, thigh and hands, sleepless nights, anxiety and stress, brain fog and forgetfulness, etc. Finally, my scheduled endoscopy came and the results were H. Pylori positive and Acute Gastritis and no GERD. My GI immediately prescribe me with the triple therapy (Pantoprazole, Clarythromycin and Amoxicillin) for 14 days. On the fifth day of my medication the symptoms still persists and from there my GI require me to undergo Barium Swallow, and the results again is Normal. So I decided to continue my therapy. I went back again to my ENT on the 8th day and he told me to undergo a Psychiatric Test to cure my anxiety and stress. So I schedule my appointment with the Psychiatrist.

On the 11th day of my medication the symptoms are still there but somehow the effects were lessened a little bit and I was now able to sleep for about 5-7 hours intermittently. I consulted again with my GI and complained about my throat issue and my Doctor told me that my H. Pylori and Gastritis were already healed without doing some random testing. I told him perhaps what I’m feeling right now is GERD. But he dismissed it and insisted that it is the effect of H. Pylori and Gastritis. So he prescribe me Domperidone and Loratidine for allergies. Hope this meds work. I have already lost 20 pounds in a span of almost a month as I eat less. I hope I will be healed completely. Please pray for me.

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