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At first I tought I had a simple stomach infection, after 5 days passed I went to the gastroenterologist and he gave me a course of antibiotics, anti-parasyte, Pepto and some expensive probioatics. After the course completed I was exactly as i started, but now super anxious because more than 1 week had passed and my diarrhea was still extremely liquid plus the strong gut noises, specially at night, kept me awake. I tried to de-stress but it did not work. I went to another gastroenterologist, who had treated me before the pandemic for an “upset stomach” that required emergency change of clothes. After a while that time he concluded I had some level of IBS, he gave me a super low dosis of a kind of antidepresant (I will not say which to avoid the bias, but it is well documented that it can help) AND he explained that I had no other “serious health” problem. That gave me a lot of peace of mind, after 1 month I was totally cured. 4 years later I have this horrible liquid explosive diarrea that didnt gave. I went to this same doctor, he checked me, reviewed my syptoms, the medicines I took and concluded “you have IBS as the last time, it is not cured, dont worry too much about it and this diarrhea and symptoms will pass”. This gave me a lot of peace and my hiper active colon immediately reduced the intensity of the movements. I read some articles about IBS in the New England Journal of medicine and found, among so many things, that IBS gives lot of stress as per markers in the colon and this becomes a vicious circle because the IBS can be triggered by stress but IBS “attacks” also give us stress!!!. I will try to accept tha the symptoms are unavoidable but not really harmful. And do my part in healthier food and exercise (Which I do, but I had stopped for 2 months due to a broken toe, who would have thought that a broken toe would give me IBS!). Lets be at peace with your symptoms, you are not sick as you think, just be patient. One week at a time!.

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