I have only been suffering with gerd for 2 months or so now, it all started with me eating late at night and going straight to sleep, I would wake up feeling sick and have a bit of heartburn to start with. A few days later I noticed that I had chest pain that felt like it was coming from just below my breastbone, I also noticed I could feel the pain inbetween my shoulder blades in my back which also felt like it was a nice my right breast, I dont go to the toilet alot and have really bad stomach noises and pain.

Sometimes I swear I can feel gas in my chest and back, hoping I am not the only one. I have lost my appetite and I also smoke which it hard to quit but I am trying, i am hoping to be able to actually be able to see a doc and get a proper diagnosis.

I am so scared and dont sleep much at night as the pain comes and goes and feels very sharp and if I dont have pain my chest feels full or tight, 

If anyone has the same symptoms as me please leave a message below so I know I am not the only one 

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