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I had just finished the electronics technician school for submarines in Groton,CT when I was diagnosed with diabetes. Not wanting to lose another submariner, especially a freshly trained one the doctor convinced me to stay in the Navy. I was in prime shape, running 10 miles a day and the doc told me if I keep working out, I had nothing to worry about and no further treatment was needed. Unfortunately, I have type one diabetes and require insulin which I did not receive in the Navy. This led to many complications. Food would rot in my gut and I threw up countless times daily. After 3 years, acid reflux had ulcerated my esophagus leading to multiple blood transfusions and a nissen surgery. I’ve had the nissen rewrapped 3 times the last 10 years. Not until my last surgery was I diagnosed with gastroparesis. During the last surgery two years ago, they also cut open the pyloris. I have been in pure hell ever since. Before the surgeries, I’d just throw up but eating didn’t hurt. Now, I can’t eat anything without extreme pain. In order to eat, I have to take high doses of pain medications.I haven’t had a solid bowel movement in ten years. I feel ready to give up. I finally shut down my business last week because I hurt so bad and can no longer travel. I’m not sure what to do. I’m having a terrible time keeping weight on. I’m ready to just stop eating. Starvation feels so much better than the pain from eating. My wife is tired of putting up with my trips to the emergency room. I just don’t know what to do, I’m ready to give up did for good.sorry for the negative attitude, I just feel like I’m losing everything and feel my doctors and family don’t take me seriously because other than the weight loss, the problems cannot be seen from my outside appearance.

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