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I am 18 and have had IBS since 11. Every time I get just a little over excited or happy, diarrhea is bound to happen. In the span of 2 weeks, I have lost 10 pounds of water weight which is completely exhausting. I’m embarrassed constantly and am in constant fear that I’ll spend the rest of the day smelling like diarrhea. None of my friends know, and when I run to the bathroom for 20-40 minutes, I just say that I felt a little sick. If I’m about to go out and I’m nervously excited, chances are I’ll be late because I need to go to the bathroom. If I freak out that I’m late, that causes another round of diarrhea. I have had countless nights up from 2-5 am having horrible cramps followed by an hour in the bathroom. It’s painful and it’s annoying and I would do anything to make it stop but nothing has helped it. This isn’t my best writing because I’m just spewing my thoughts out after an exhausting day because I’m away at college and I desperately need to scream about it without grossing out and turning away any potential friends.

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