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My son has suffered from functional dyspepsia for a long time. He is a teen now and the latest treatment we have tried is medical hypnosis. I read the articles on medical hypnosis on the website. I am in the health care field of cancer care also and was open to whatever treatment modality would help us. One of my old colleagues practices medical hypnosis and this was a no brainer for us to do this. He was familiar with the studies done for iBS and FD. Our goal will be at least 12 visits. We are at no. 7 and my son is feeling amazing. After just one visit I saw a difference in him with improvements such as more confident and less stress of .wondering how he would feel as he woke up. I encourage you to consider medical hypnosis. My sons GI doctor was excited to hear wall this also and hopes to share the news with his patients also. Thank you IFFGD for all the work done and continuing to stay atop of the latest and greatest medical news.

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